Learning Opportunities

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Penn State’s Office of Planning and Assessment provides opportunities for learning in several formats.

  • Workshops are provided in two ways.
    •  a face-to-face opportunity to discuss concepts related to planning, assessment, and improvement, and their application. While most workshops are scheduled at University Park, they can also be scheduled at other campuses by request
    • Q&A with OPA are longer discussions (around 30 minutes) exploring both concept and application, presented via Adobe Connect
  • eLearning is available 24/7 and presented in several ways:
    • Quality Clips are short (5 to 7 minute) videos explaining a specific concept
    • Q&A with OPA are longer videos (around 30 minutes) exploring both concept and application
  • Quality Advocates is an informal group that meets several times each semester to share information about planning and improvement activities around the University.
  • The Institutional Research Interest Group schedules events to better communicate, share, and coordinate information and activity regarding institutional research